The Board 



The Board of Kimberley College will meet at least monthly through the year. The Board is focussed on governing well by providing support and direction for the Principal, monitoring financial management, ensuring compliance with the legislation and regulations governing independent schools and approving the strategic direction of Kimberley College.

Much of the detail around this work is managed by the 4 committees listed below.


Finance Committee     

Education Committee 

Property Committee   

Risk Management       


Each committee has a charter and will consider matters in its sphere of responsibility before bringing recommendations to the full Board. The committees comprise Board members and staff from different areas of the College while the Board chair is on all committees.



Following the recent resignations of Mr Paul Wilton (Chair), Mr Mark Milton and Mr Greg O’Donnell the following people have now been appointed to serve as directors of Kimberley College Ltd:


  • Mr Mike Millard (Board Chair)

  • Ken Petty (Board Deputy Chair)

  • Dr Grant Watson (Board member)

  • Mrs Elaine Rae (Board member)

  • Mrs Angela Richardson (Board member)

  • Mr Don Thams (Board member)


In addition, Mr Warwick Steen will continue to serve as a director. Information about the directors is now available on the new College website.


The three retiring Board members have served the College well during a difficult period and their dedication in recent months has led the way for the appointment of a new Principal to build on the foundations and educational philosophy laid down over many years.


Our commitment

The Board is committed to ensuring that the ‘objects’ as listed below are upheld:

(1)to establish and maintain a non-profit, non-graded, multi-age educational facility;

(2)to implement a curriculum that incorporates individualisation and the teaching of futures studies and thinking skills;

(3)to provide an inspiring educational atmosphere which establishes an interactive and lateral approach to learning for children from Preparatory Year to Year 12 inclusive;

(4)to create a school environment which nurtures intellectual and moral autonomy in students;

(5)to provide a low fee, community-based educational choice for parents;

(6)to nurture positive social and interpersonal skills including tolerance, respect, understanding, consideration and cooperation;

(7)to provide a positive environment of encouragement where students’ self respect and self confidence are nurtured and reinforced;


We now look forward to serving the College and engaging with the community.


Mike Millard

Board Chair