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Camps and Outdoor Education

Commencing in Year 5, Kimberley College students have the opportunity to attend school camp annually with their catamaran family or as a year-level cohort in Grade 11. Camp offers each student access to so many different skills that will assist them both when they return to school and as they engage with the wider world around them outside of school hours.


It takes courage to attend camp. Once there, students are expected to socialise with new people, eat different foods, sleep in strange environments, and engage in challenging activities that involve bravery, strength, concentration, and effort. They work in random groups. They solve puzzles. They battle homesickness. They conquer fears.     


Most importantly, we see camp as a unique opportunity to draw our students and teachers closer together because the bonds forged on camp within boats, catamarans and faculties are seen throughout the rest of the school year in everything that the students do.


NOTE: School camps are usually three days and two nights long and are an additional fee.

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