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Are places currently available? As a small independent school, we generally have limited vacancies available, especially in our Primary School. For the latest information on the availability of places, please contact the Enrolments team at or 07 32090333.


When should I apply to enrol my child? As we offer places in order of date of application, applying as early as possible will give you the best opportunity for future placements. Please be aware that preference may be given to families currently or previously involved with the College.  Students entering Prep must have turned four by June 30 in the year prior to entry.


Will I be placed on a waiting list?  We do maintain a waitlist for most of our year levels.  Places are offered to those most likely to benefit from the College’s programs and, generally, students are accepted in order of application.  For more information read How to Enrol.


At what year levels does the College accept students?  Students may enter the College at any year level if there are places available, however, the main intake years at Kimberley College are Prep, Year 7 & Year 10..


What happens if I have a confirmed place for my child but would like to change their commencement year?  As long as you have paid your confirmation fee and there is space available in that year/class, the College can move your enrolment year to suit your needs.


When will I know if my child has been accepted into Prep?  As soon as a decision is made about your child’s enrolment, you will be notified by phone or via email from Generally, Prep enrolments are confirmed at the latest by June/July the year prior to commencement.


What resources do I need to buy for my child at the start of the school year?  A letter is sent to all parents at the start of each year outlining the individual resource needs for their child’s class.  As our staff develop the curriculum ‘in-house’, there are no text books to purchase. As a general rule, pens, pencils, a pencil case and exercise books are the minimum stationery requirements for Years 3 through to 12. Parents will be informed by classroom teachers of specific stationery needs if and when needed.


When are the school holidays?  On the whole, Kimberley College follows the Department of Education and Training (DET) school calendar.  At times, a day or two might be different to the DET Calendar, but this information will be communicated to parents well in advance.  


Is Kimberley College a religious school?  No, Kimberley College is non-denominational and is a private independent school.  There are no religion-based classes provided by the College.


What are Boats and Catamarans?  In most schools, the terms class, classroom, form or pastoral group are used.  At Kimberley College, we refer to a class and their classroom as a ‘Boat’. Two Boats are located in one building that share a dividing wall and these buildings are called a ‘Catamaran’.  In our multi-aged Middle School set-up, a Year 7/8/9 Boat (class) come together to form a Catamaran. Within these Boats and Catamarans, students from Years 7-9 learn and interact together as one community.


What are the class sizes in the Primary School (P-6)?  In our Primary School we keep our enrolments at approximately 24 children for each year level. As we have multi-aged classes, this means that there can be up to 48 children in each class, however, these classes are team-taught by two teachers and one teacher- aide per class at all times. Our Prep class, known as Kokomin,  is the only class in our primary school that is not multi-aged.

What are the class sizes in the Middle School (7-9)?  In our Middle School we keep our enrolments at approximately 30 children for each year level. As we have multi-aged classes in each Catamaran (building), this means that there can be up to 90 children in each Catamaran and 45 children in each Boat (class). These classes are also team-taught with a total of four teachers and one teacher aide located within the Catamaran at all times.


Are the Primary and High School students in separate areas? The classrooms for Primary and High School are separate, with the Primary being clustered together at the front of the school and the High School classrooms at the back of the school.  The High and Primary students have separate toilet blocks and the Primary have designated play areas within the school.


What is Kimberley College’s homework policy?   Homework at Kimberley College for the Middle School,

consists of half an hour of reading and half an hour of writing every night in the middle school.  This writing process results in the production of a 500-word text each week including essays, stories, letters and articles. Homework tasks are adapted to meet the needs of students with difficulties. Senior students will benefit from continuing these habits but can expect increased homework commitments in Years 10, 11 and 12.


What technology is required by students?    While technology offers us wonderful benefits, it is also fraught with danger when not utilised safely and within the appropriate context. The school provides students with access to necessary technology when tasks require laptops being accessed in all middle school boats. There is no BYOD program in the primary or middle school unless there is an identified learning need. Senior students are invited to BYOD in Years 11 and 12 provided that their devices are used appropriately and in alignment with the school’s Safe Use of Technology policy. Because a mobile phone and smart watch is a communication device, camera and powerful computer, we believe it is the moral duty of parents and teachers to moderate children’s usage of and access to mobile phones so these are handed in each day to classroom teachers when students enter class.


Is there a Tuckshop / Canteen? 

Yes, we have a wonderful Tuckshop on site that offers a combination of homemade and pre-packaged meals. Various drinks, fresh salads, fruits and ice creams are also available. Our Tuckshop is a 5-star rated Eat Safe Logan.


What languages does Kimberley College offer?  The College currently offers French as our LOTE (Language Other Than English) subject to Primary and Middle School students.  In the future we hope to offer extension classes to our Middle School as well as an elective subject for Seniors.


What sports are on offer to students?  There are dedicated PE classes each week for students in the Primary and Middle schools that often culminate in end-of-term tournaments within the school. The Senior school offers PE and Recreation as elective subjects as well as a Certificate II in Dance and Certificate III in Fitness.  KC also has a Football (Soccer) Academy, a Golf Academy and a Dance Excellence Program, all of which are highly successful. Click here for more information on our Academies. As part of their ‘Day of Excellence’ experience, Middle school students also have the opportunity to participate in various premier sports including netball, touch football, futsal, basketball, and boxing.


Are there camps and/or excursions?  Camps are run for students in Years 3 through 12 and are an additional cost. Excursions are included within the term fees.


What co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are offered at Kimberley College? Currently the College has a number of Academies and extra-curricular events that students can engage with:  


Who do I see if my child is struggling with learning?  Our Head of Learning Enrichment supports our students and families who are having difficulties within the classroom.  You can make an appointment to see the Head of Learning Enrichment on (07) 32090300 or via


Who do I see if my child is suffering from social anxiety or personal issues that are affecting their learning?  Kimberley College has a part-time counsellor that is available for students.  A referral to see the counsellor must be booked through a Deputy Principal.


Do you offer out of hours school care?  Unfortunately, the College does not currently offer before or after school care.  There is a child care centre next door ( that does offer this service, but places are limited.

What is the College’s Behaviour Management Policy?   Please click here for more information on the College’s Behaviour Management Policy.



Is there a bus service for my child?  For more information about our Bus Service and current bus routes, please click here.

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