About KCFA

Personal Development value



  • In everything we do; in our behaviour by taking personal responsibility, encouraging others, being proud of the school and KCFA and its reputation and by assessing our own progression.



  • Together we value each other, share in success and setbacks; we support and motivate each other.


  • Display passion for our school and our Academy, highly motivated and self-driven with a will and desire to be successful in all training sessions and matches

Football Competencies



  • Defending / Transitioning / Attacking



  • 1v1 / Striking the ball / Running with the ball / First Touch / Defending



  • Football conditioning / Application of tactical competencies / Mental components


Football Coaching Staff

Develop the Player

Development of each player is a key element of the KCFA program. Through individualised instruction and coaching, along with on-going video analysis of matches and training, a player can take an active part in their own development as a player.

Theoretical sessions covering tactics, structure and game plans will also aid each players development. Throughout the program, players will also participate in coaching and refereeing courses, as well as develop nutrition plans and recovery sessions. Our aim is to develop players with well-rounded knowledge and ability.

Technical - Tactical - Physiological - Social



​The Football Academy is conducted as a stand-alone subject at the College. The focus of the academy is to add value and support to what our students are doing at their football clubs, by giving them extra hours of instruction in the technical, tactical, physiological and social areas of their development. Students will also focus on theoretical football specific elements such as nutrition, sports psychology, fitness, injury prevention and management, the "Skill Trainer" coaching and refereeing (Laws of the game), licences. Technical, tactical and physiological areas are sequentially developed over a 7-year course and align with Football Federation Australia's national curriculum 'Building Blocks'. 

Students receive up to 3 Sessions of football a week, totalling 5.5hours


Minimum of 3 hours of practical football sessions


30 mins of match analysis


30 mins of injury prevention


1.5 hours of theoretical sessions


Join The KCFA

Players are recruited to the KCFA program annually via trials. All players seeking entry into the academy must trial.


Applying for a trial:

Complete the pdf application form and return it to -

KCFA Office, Kimberley College, 41 Kruger Rd, Carbrook 4130. 

The Director will be in contact with you to organise a time for your child to trial by attending a football academy lesson.


 Players will be judged and selected by the school coaching staff.


 Email football@kimberley.college if you have any queries. We are happy to help you. 


Entry requirements 

 Students must be playing or have the ability to play at regional representative standard,

  • South Coast Schools Sport

  • National Premier League

  • Brisbane Youth Premier League

  • or equivalent

 Students don’t need to be registered with Football Queensland or Football Brisbane, as we also accept quality players from other leagues (e.g. Church League, other Zones, Interstate and International).