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Learning Enrichment

Kimberley's Learning Enrichment Program is designed to bring together information about a child’s strengths and needs with evidence-based instructional approaches that support the child’s learning.  This is all governed by the current and relevant legislation, updated and outlined in the school policy.  


This model hinges on a collaborative approach that requires educators, parents and students to recognise and respond to the individual needs of learners.  Our dedicated teachers’ inclusion of support is a natural part of the work they do across all areas, from Prep through to Year 12.  Teachers think about the child first and match the supports and services to the student’s strengths and needs.  This information is gathered through a range of inclusive assessments including pre-testing for prior knowledge, summative and formative assessments, and external professional diagnostics.


At KC we aim to be proactive, not reactive. Intervening at the earliest indication of need is a necessary step to ensure student success and well-being.  We believe in providing all students access to a flexible curriculum through differentiation and student-centred learning as we acknowledge that young people learn in different ways and styles.

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