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Japanese is offered as our Language Acquisition or LOTE (Language other than English) subject to all students from Prep to Year 10.  

Japanese at Kimberley College is based on our thematic structures incorporating core vocabulary, life skills, and cultural aspects that enhance the language. The set topics incorporate greetings, family, routines and travel around Japan.

These topics have been developed with first-hand knowledge of the Japanese people and their unique lifestyle, from traditional to the modern Japan of today.

In addition, our unique " Japan Club ' offers an extension of their studies for students to pursue including bonsai appreciation, schooling, foods, celebrations/holiday, cities and areas of interest to visit. This club allows 'catch-up' sessions and offers students an opportunity to further develop ideas or advance their studies.  This, in turn, helps develop global citizens who can live, work and appreciate other cultures, food and people. Students can also further comprehend and appreciate the psyche and cultural norms that go with living in a megacity of the 21st Century like Tokyo, Japan.

Students learn the four 'macro skills' and the various writing scripts. They also study how and when to use the appropriate vocabulary in a student, family and business context in order to effectively communicate in all formats.

It is envisaged that students will complete the units with a growing interest and cultural appreciation of Japan and its people.


Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu.

(Thank you)

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