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Middle School

Welcome to the Kimberley College Middle School. Our teaching and learning philosophy centres on the education of the ‘whole’ child and offers an alternative approach to junior secondary schooling. The Kimberley College middle school program is designed to provide learning experiences that serve to educate, enlighten and empower young adults in Years 7 to 9. Our students engage in experiential learning through the thematic exploration of relevant topics that promote social investment and contribution to their local communities. Kimberley College embraces thematic curriculum planning and project-based learning experiences that explore ‘Big Ideas’ and allows students to engage with their learning in authentic and purposeful ways.  

Our middle school environment is designed to cater to the social and emotional needs of our students. The middle school program features eight multi-aged classrooms (or ‘boats’ and ‘catamarans’) and teaching teams coordinate learning experiences in each classroom. This analogy was adopted to symbolise the flexible nature of our middle school program. Similar to a sailing vessel on the open ocean, our learning journeys can sometimes be uncharted and we occasionally come across an island that we might like to investigate. We aim to provide learning experiences that are tailored to the needs of the students and celebrate these learning and life journeys both in school and beyond. Complimenting our catamaran structures are our connections to place and Indigenous Australian communities. Each catamaran is named after an Indigenous community in Queensland – Barada, Jagera, Lama Lama and Maikulan – and we engage in custodian projects that explore their connection to people and place. Students embody the values of the school and their catamaran, and represent them with pride in academic, sporting and extra-curricular events.  


The Kimberley College community prides itself on the unique approach the middle school program offers. Our students are resilient, resourceful and and lifelong learners. We honour their talents, support their challenges, and celebrate their accomplishments.

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