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Kimberley College

Nestled in a picturesque, semi-rural setting in Brisbane's Bayside, Kimberley College is recognised for developing students with integrity, social responsibility and confidence. We believe that education is more than a simple process of knowledge transfer, we are passionate about the future of our students and recognise that each student is an individual with infinite potential.

We believe that young people learn best when they have structure as well as space and time to foster creativity - time to think and grow. We think that learning should be inspirational, challenging and fun. We work hard to nurture our students’ unique gifts and needs within a supportive College community. Our Teachers are dynamic educators, passionate and knowledgeable about learning, with a strong understanding of contemporary, evidence-based teaching and learning practice.

The objectives of Kimberley College are to provide multi-age, non-graded education which incorporates a thinking skills based curriculum, to develop an individualised curriculum, to create a school environment which nurtures intellectual and moral autonomy, and to nurture self-respect and self confidence in students.

Every person at Kimberley College has the right to a strong sense of belonging. This occurs when each person has the opportunity to express themselves and to learn to appreciate others whilst treating others with respect and being treated fairly. It also occurs when each person knows our school provides a safe environment for them to create their own identity within a community that values diversity and promotes equity.

The school has a non-exclusive enrolment policy. Teachers have a strong belief in the need to develop moral and social intelligence in an environment which respects all religious and secular beliefs.

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