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Sport at Kimberley College offers a wide-range of unique programs within our curriculum, co-curricular activities and representative competitions.


Here at Kimberley College, we highly value sport as it develops skills and characteristics that will assist students in their every-day life. We are constantly developing our programs to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our students.


Our Curriculum

Our Primary and Middle school students engage in Physical Education lessons each week. These classes prepare them for an end-of-term tournament or competition within the school. Building teamwork, dedication, confidence and  leadership skills.


Our Senior school students have various opportunities to partake in sport, including the following elective subjects: Physical Education, Recreation Studies and Certificate III in Fitness. These subjects not only offer them physical activity, but an academic pathway to further their knowledge in sport and physical health. 


Each year, Kimberley College runs three carnivals between our four boats - Barada (Green), Jagera (Yellow), Lama Lama (Blue) and Maikulan (Red). These include; swimming, cross country and athletics. These carnivals help develop Boat spirit and encourage student participation and engagement within physical activities and core values of the school.


Furthermore, Kimberley College offers a Football (Soccer) Academy and an Equestrian Team, both of which are very competitive and successful programs.


Representative Sport

Kimberley College is a part of the Pacific School Sport District, and a member of the greater South Coast Sport District. Students have the opportunity to nominate and attend sport trial dates for zone, district, regional, and state teams. These trials are for students who already participate in sports at a high level outside of school.

Download the 2022 Draft Calendar for Pacific District trials.


In the past, Kimberley College has enjoyed successes such as being selected for regional, state and national representative teams.


Premier Sport

Our Premier Sports program for Middle and Senior school students is a key highlight at Kimberley College. Each term we focus on two sports - a field and court sport - giving students an opportunity to train and compete at Inter School Gala days throughout the year.

The 2022 the program will include the sports outlined below;


Court Sports:

  • Volleyball

  • Netball

  • Basketball


Field Sports:

  • Touch Football

  • Football (Soccer)

  • Rugby 7’s


Each sport holds practice sessions on a weekly basis during students’ elective classes with a professional coach to assist, support and prepare students for competition.

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