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Physical Education

Physical Education at Kimberley College is engaging and exciting. We value the subject because of its learning journeys and the various places around the world that it takes us. Students participate in team sports such as Lacrosse, Gaelic Football, Rounders, European Handball and more during their study of Physical Education. During a term of team sports, students compete in an intra-school competition which introduces them to new skills and talents, and the universal athletic traits of sportsmanship and teamwork. Physical Education in the Middle School strives to engage students in individual and partner based sports including Jive and Zumba dancing, Karate, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation techniques.


Multi-aged learning forms a positive environment for students to enhance their leadership skills – especially in Physical Education – as they learn amongst both younger and older peers. The curriculum also provides our students the opportunity to deep dive into health and social concepts relevant to the 21st Century through intelligent and considered discussions. This diverse range of physical activities encompasses what Physical Education at Kimberley College is all about.

Kimberley College offers an array of sporting opportunities for students. The school belongs to the Pacific School Sport District who is a member of the greater South Coast School Sport District. Being members of these districts allows students to trial for places in representative teams across many sports, including Rugby, AFL, Softball, Netball, Surfing, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming and many more. Each term, Gala sports days are also held for schools who are members of the Pacific District. Schools nominate teams to compete against each other for the chance to represent the Pacific District at larger state wide competitions. Kimberley College has enjoyed great success in the Pacific District, with both individuals and teams regularly being selected for regional, state and national representative teams. The school is currently exploring options to expand our Athletics and Cross Country training teams.





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