Physical Education

Physical Education at Kimberley College consists of unique programs which are engaging and exciting. We highly value sport as it develops skills and characteristics that will assist students in their every-day life, during and after school. Our sports program is broad and constantly being developed to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our students here at Kimberley College.


Students in Primary and Middle school have dedicated Physical Education classes each week. The sport classes prepare them for an end-of-term tournament or competition within the school. The Senior school offers various opportunities to participate in sport, including the following elective subjects: Physical Education, Recreation Studies and Certificate III in Fitness. Certificates are valuable to students at Kimberley College as they provide a gateway into a sporting career.


The school belongs to the Pacific School Sport District, a member of the greater South Coast School Sport District. Our carnivals are held to bring forward a healthy competitive spirit from our own College, and also to select students which will compete in District trials. In the past, Kimberley College has enjoyed successes such as as being selected for regional, state and national representative teams.


A Premier Sports Program for Middle and Senior school students is a key highlight at Kimberley College. The Premier Sports Program includes the following sports: Netball, Touch Football, Basketball and Athletics. Each sport holds practice sessions on a weekly basis with a professional coach, to assist, support and prepare students for competition.  


Furthermore, Kimberley College also has a Football (soccer) Academy, a Dance Excellence Program and a Golf Excellence Program, all of which are very competitive and successful programs.