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Senior School

The senior years of learning at Kimberley College are focused on preparing our students to contribute to society post-school as responsible and caring adults who realise they can make a difference through positive action. Our students feel a sense of purpose and place in our five-faculty senior school and they show concern for leaving people and places better for having known them.

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Chris McAlpine

Senior Deputy Principal

The Kimberley College senior school continues to develop the learning pathway of individual students to suit their needs, abilities and aspirations beyond their secondary schooling years.  Our College offers senior students the opportunity to qualify for a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) by following academic and vocational pathways.

Students planning to undertake tertiary study are able to plan a course of between four and six Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) General subjects from the twenty offered at the College.  Students studying fewer than six General subjects may also choose from over twelve Applied subjects and certificates up to a diploma level on campus. Students must meet all requirements as outlined by the QCAA to be eligible to receive an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank  (ATAR), commonly used to determine entry into Australian tertiary institutions.

Kimberley College offers students who want a vocational focus in senior a well-structured vocational pathway.  In addition to the certificates delivered at school, we are partners with TAFEBrisbane and SkillsTech thus allowing students access to a wide range of accredited certificate courses.​

Kimberley College also offers school-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SATs). Students who choose to undertake SATs within their studies may have a reduced workload to incorporate work-related training as part of their course.

High achieving students at Kimberley College also have the opportunity to engage with early entry tertiary level courses at all of the local universities.

Overall, the Kimberley College senior school is a place where students can feel safe, take risks, celebrate their differences, and develop a love of learning and success through individual learning experiences. 

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