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Welcome to Kimberley College and thank you for considering our school for your child. Our College is a happy and vibrant place, combining a nurturing environment, with extensive educational opportunities. A large part of what we do differently at Kimberley College is our approach to learning.  We understand that not all students learn in the same way. Indeed there is great diversity in the way children learn. However, by providing an environment that recognises and embraces their differences, we are able to maximise each individual’s potential. Our dedicated staff support differentiation in the curriculum, tailoring each student’s schooling experience according to their aptitude, to ensure the best outcomes for each individual student.

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Glenn Johnson

Kimberley College Principal

At Kimberley College we work in partnership with you and your family to nurture, stimulate and challenge your child.  Our teachers have a strong belief in the need to develop moral and social intelligence in an environment which respects all religious and secular beliefs.

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I think it is important that all members of Kimberley College are proud of their College: proud of the community of which they are part; proud of their own and the College’s collective achievements; and proud of the values they take with them when they leave – values that are developed and nurtured in an environment of safety, happiness and mutual respect.  These values are evident in our motto: ‘With Courage and Compassion’.

I warmly invite you to come and see what Kimberley College is all about and I look forward to welcoming your family into ours.

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