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Kimberley College is staffed by over 100 qualified and experienced individuals, all of whom are committed to the school's mission.  The school is governed by a Board and proudly led by our Principal, with the Deputy Principals, Business Manager and HR Manager making up the Executive Team.

Kimberley College employs highly qualified, highly committed, highly innovative and highly passionate personnel who are themselves dedicated lifelong learners.  The teaching staff at Kimberley College are well known for their respectful relationship with their students and for their commitment to helping each child reach their full potential of being kind, creative, thoughtful citizens of the world.


Classroom teachers are supported by our Head of Learning Enrichment and Head of Teaching and Learning.  Each of our teacher aides are qualified and regularly undertake professional development and, together with our School Counsellor, they assist our teaching staff to provide holistic support to all students at the College.  A range of support staff working in Administration, Finance, IT, Facilities and the Tuckshop support the operations of the school and maintain the school's facilities.






Kimberley College is proud to have a strong and steady team of teachers and support staff who, once they have joined the KC team, end up staying long term.  Our unique educational philosophy and natural learning environment attracts teachers who have a desire to connect with, develop a better understanding of, and foster a long-term relationship with their students.


We encourage those interested in teaching at Kimberley College to visit the school and experience our uniqueness for themselves.  We also welcome volunteers to come and see if team-teaching and multi-aged classrooms suit your style of teaching.

Vacancies with Kimberley College are advertised on and on our website.


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