Graduate Attributes

Underpinned by our Motto and Values, the Graduate Attributes define student success in a Kimberley College context and are integral to our Strategic Plan 2023 – 2027. Student success is seen as more than a number or rank; it is multi-faceted, involves the whole person and is linked to moral purpose and character development.

The Kimberley College Graduate Attributes represent what we want our students to become - at school and beyond. We are continually striving to provide authentic opportunities for students to develop and grow in the attributes.

Graduate Attributes

Critical & creative thinkers  

  • Innovate  
  • Have an ability & agility to think differently 
  • Prepared to challenge and disrupt the status quo 
  • Create just and sustainable solutions to real life problems on a local and global level 
  • Are better prepared for democratic citizenship 

Compassionate connectors

  • Respect and care for self, others and the world 
  • Emphasize altruism over egoism 
  • Demonstrate Waffo* excellence 
  • Are empathetic 
  • Listen to understand, not to reply 

Purposeful contributors

  • Lead by example - Walk the talk 
  • Follow their passions 
  • Exercise agency 
  • Identify actions to achieve particular goals 
  • Set themselves goals – short and long term – and strive to achieve them 
  • Are aware of the need to maintain good physical and mental health 

* Waffo, first proposed by Edward de Bono, stands for ‘warm form’ and refers to traits of considering the needs of others and having the courage to be themselves.  This fits well with our College Motto of 'With Courage and Compassion'.