Application Process

Thank you for choosing Kimberley for your child's education. To be considered for a place with the College, please complete the enrolment process. 

1.    Please complete the online Enrolment Application Form. A non-refundable application fee of $110 (GST inclusive) is payable for each application. A copy of your child’s birth certificate and the two most recent school reports is required when submitting an application. School reports are not required for Prep Year applications. 

2.    Upon successful completion of an online application form, you will receive an automated confirmation email acknowledging your application and your child will be added to the Enrolment Waitlist appropriate to the year of entry. 

Please understand the successful lodgement of an enrolment application, with accompanying enrolment application fee, does not guarantee enrolment at Kimberley College. Enrolment is subject to the offer process and the Enrolment Terms and Conditions.

3.    Should a suitable vacancy arise, you will be contacted to discuss your child's application and may be invited for a formal interview. Priority is given to applications for siblings when one child or more is already enrolled at the College. 

4.    Should your child be made an offer you will be formally notified by email and all places are offered at the discretion of the Principal. All places offered are conditional on receipt of the following: 

  • A signed Enrolment Agreement
  • Payment of a non-refundable confirmation fee of $200 (GST inclusive) is payable per child. This fee must be paid within 14 days of acceptance, or the position may be forfeited
  • Other relevant documentation regarding the education or welfare of the applicant including medical reports, educational testing, learning plans or court orders.