The Arts

The arts provide young people with authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies. 

The Arts program at Kimberley College is focused on providing students with opportunities to pursue their interests and passion.  Fostering supportive and positive relationships while delivering rich learning experiences is at the forefront of our programs. It is our privilege to share the learning journey with students who will make lifelong memories and develop lifelong skills through the creative arts.

The learning experiences are real and meaningful, and the Arts plays a vital role in developing creativity, self-expression and collaboration and offers a safe space for discovery. 

Engagement in the arts - whether the visual arts, dance, music, theatre or other disciplines nurtures the development of cognitive, social and personal competencies. Studying arts not only helps in academic performance but research has proven it also improves learning in subjects like sciences, maths or literature. 

It accesses different parts of the human brain making it easier for people to make decisions and solve problems. It also helps students express their emotions, provides a sense of accomplishment and encourages students to think in innovative ways, bringing out all levels of creativity to create original pieces, writing plays, producing theatre dramas and videos. 

The Arts Program curriculum and teaching at Kimberley College is underpinned by the core values and guiding principles of -   
Respect I Passion I Authenticity I Service I Collaboration. 

Participation in the Arts Program at Kimberley College develops well rounded and talented individuals with a unique skillset, so that these students can be better prepared for the evolving 21st century through quality learning experiences in and through the arts.

Annual Art Show 

Biennial College Musical