Kimberley College is an independent, co-educational, and non-denominational school catering for students from Prep to Year 12. 

Our key intake years for enrolment are generally Prep, Year 7 and Year 10.

Vacancies periodically arise in other years and the College encourages interested families to submit an online application so they may be included on the waitlist should a suitable vacancy arise. For further information about the College's enrolment process, please contact the Enrolments Office on enrolments@kimberley.college or +61 7 3209 0300. 

Please note: Kimberley College is not able to accept students on international student or study visas. 

Prior to commencement, you will be sent information to assist with joining the Kimberley College community and to ensure a smooth transition for your child. Future students are allocated to one of the College’s four boats. Students are not able to choose their boat, however the College will endeavour to allocate siblings to the same boat (unless requested otherwise). 

For Prep and Year 7, students and families will be invited to an orientation session usually held in the November prior to the commencement year, so your child will become familiar with the College, meet teachers and other students commencing in the same year. 

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