Visual Arts

Art is both a relaxing and inspiring activity. It’s a great way to express emotions without words, understand feelings and communicate personal messages.

Art also has substantial benefits on students’ mental health as it fosters their need for self-expression. Creating art can help our students discover themselves; it helps them recognise and acknowledge their feelings and emotions, improve their self-esteem and confidence. In our society, mental health has never been more important than ever, and Arts can relieve stress and relax students’ mind and body.

It's very important to know that not all students should be talented artists or should have innate artistic skills to fully value and benefit from art classes. Their commitment and resilience help them thrive and grow. The greatest benefit and impact of art is giving a safe outlet to our students to express their viewpoints and opinions on different social, personal and cultural matters as it broadens their perspectives and horizons. Through creative thinking, they can find new solutions to problems. Art is all about problem solving and critical thinking and it certainly helps them get equipped with the right mindset for the future ahead. 

Art students are encouraged to be conscious and responsive to what is going on around them to be able to communicate a meaningful personal message to their audience. This makes them more empathetic and tolerant. Through exposure of creating art pieces, they develop awareness, acceptance and appreciation to different people, places and ideas.

At Kimberley College, we offer both Visual Art and Visual Art in Practice for senior students. Visual Art is a General subject that contributes to ATAR. Visual Art in Practice is an Applied subject and can contribute to ATAR if combined with 4 - 5 General subjects.

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