Activities within the Performing Arts space allow students to be creative and explore different ways to express themselves, all while having fun alongside their peers. 

The students learn through creating, performing and directing, working collaboratively to produce and perform work. Collaboration is important in drama as students must work together in order to create and perform. Being creative is an important 21st Century skill, and in drama students are using their imagination in everything they do. Drama also allows students to develop their confidence and presentational skills.  

As an Elective, Drama Club is offered to students in Years 10-12. Over the past three years, Year 12 students have written and directed a performance called KC Goes Wrong. This year it is based on the story of Peter Pan. The performance allows students to work across year levels and engage in performance making as a team. 

Biannually, the College produces a musical with a variety of roles available to students both on stage and back of house for those students who would like to participate.