Camps and Outdoor Pursuits

Creating lifelong memories is part of the Kimberley College experience, and annual College camps are just one of the many extracurricular activities available. 

It takes courage to attend camp. Students are expected to socialise with new people, eat different foods, sleep in strange environments, and engage in challenging activities that involve bravery, strength, concentration, and effort. They work in random groups. They solve puzzles. They battle homesickness. They conquer fears.   

Commencing in Year 3, Kimberley College students attend school camp annually until Year 11. 

Camps are an important opportunity within the curriculum that allows students to step outside of the familiar environment of the College and be challenged on a personal level and when collaborating as part of a team to creatively solve challenges. Students learn to build resilience and develop a host of new skills including communication, trust, mutual support, motivation, and leadership. 

Camp is also unique setting to forge solid relationships between peers but also a greater connection between students and teachers that is reflected throughout the rest of their schooling. 

Raw Challenge

Each year Kimberley College students and their families have the opportunity to participate in the RAW Challenge. Hosted on a weekend, this is a 4km obstacle course that will test the physical and mental limits of participants as they complete the 40 obstacles. Open to any level of fitness and with no obstacle's compulsory, it is a family fun day in which teams rely on each other for support and problem solving while also getting muddy. Each year the school nominates a charity to support as part of this event.

Kokoda Challenge 

Kimberley College has a proud tradition of supporting this event and students and families are able to participate in either a 18, 30 or 48km distance walk to not only push their own physical and mental boundaries, but also to raise funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation. Students will also learn about the bravery that Australian soliders displayed on the real Kokoda Track in 1942 and honour the men who fought for our freedom and our country.