Kimberley College Football Academy (KCFA)

Train - Study - Play - Succeed  

The Football Academy aims to provide students with opportunities to develop their football ability to a high standard within a school environment. In order to do so we strive to provide football coaching and mentoring, which focuses on individual player development. We believe providing targeted support for balancing academics and sports is essential for students to be ready for the challenges and opportunities post-school life will present to them. Ideally, we aim to promote the industry of football and the various ever-growing professions available in the football business.

The Delivery of the Kimberley College Football Academy

The Football Academy is conducted as an extra-curricular program. While addressing general health and personal development outcomes throughout the year, we also focus upon specific Football related elements. 

The development of each player is a key element of the KCFA program. Through individualised instruction and coaching, along with on-going video analysis of matches, training sessions and strength and conditioning programs, a player can take an active part in their own development.

Theoretical sessions covering tactics, structure and pre and post game plans will also aid each player's development. Throughout the program, players will also participate in coaching and refereeing courses, as well as developing plans for nutrition, strength and conditioning, and recovery.

Football Competencies

  • Tactically - Defending / Transitioning / Attacking / Positioning / Set pieces  
  • Technically - 1v1 / Striking the ball / Running with the ball / First Touch / Defending 
  • Physically - Strength and conditioning / Recovery 
  • Psychologically - Mental preparation / Resilience 
  • Socially - Effective communication / Values / Interactions
  • Students receive up to 2 football themed sessions, totalling up to 2.2 hours per week. 

Kimberley College Football Staff 
To ensure that the correct knowledge and understanding of the Football Federation of Australia National Curriculum is being taught, coached, and embedded into the KCFA program - It is a requirement that coaches/teachers of the KCFA have obtained a current FFA/UEFA/ASIA Coaching Licence.

KCFA Structure
Players can apply for the KCFA program once enrolled at Kimberley College. All players seeking entry into the academy must apply. Places are limited per class and are subject to availability. 

  • Year 3 - 4 
  • Year 5 - 6 
  • Year 7 - 8 Boys 
  • Year 9 -10 Boys 
  • Year 7 - 10 Girls 
  • Year 11 - 12

Kimberley College also facilitates a Prep-Year 2 after-school program. Football Connection controls all operations of the after-school program.