Kimberley College Dance

The Kimberley College Dance program is one of passion, growth and commitment to excellence. We provide students with the opportunity to express their artistic flair, and a creative outlet to foster their passion for dance. 

Teaching students to experiment with movement and push past their comfort zone will encourage growth and innovation as a dancer. Through focusing on basic technique, development and performance experience, students will be encouraged to strive for excellence. The program aligns with the school’s philosophy, teaching students critical and creative thinking as well as developing technical and expressive skills.

The program will teach students to appreciate dance as an art form and way of self-expression. Collaboration and team work are at the forefront of our program, enabling students to learn how to work with others respectfully and professionally.

The Kimberley College dance program is inclusive of all Kimberley College students and provides opportunities at a class level as well as in extra-curricular pursuits. Students will be part of a fun loving and safe learning environment and have the opportunity to be involved in a number of dance experiences including eisteddfods, school events and dance showcase. 

Styles taught include ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop and acrobatics. 

Extracurricular Opportunities include: 

Primary School 1-3 Performance Team
Primary School 1-6 Performance Team 
Middle School Performance Team 
Senior School Performance Team 
Private one-on-one lessons

Curriculum Opportunities include: 

Primary and Middle School Extension Classes 
Primary and Middle School Development Classes 
Senior School Electives
Year 10 Dance
Year 11 Dance
Year 12 Dance

For more details on the Kimberley College Dance Program and Auditions email