Music has infinite power to reach the gap between the heart and the soul to create infinite and ineffable joy. -  Debasish Mridha

The Kimberley College Instrumental Music Program offers students both private and group lessons. The instrumental music teachers at Kimberley College work hard with each child to foster their passion, growth, and love for music. Kimberley College aims to provide reliable and genuine learning opportunities and arts experiences that allow students to self-express and grow as an individual. With a focus on collaboration and respect, we aim to work together as a school community to achieve success in all facets of arts education.

  • Piano - individual lessons
  • Guitar (electric, acoustic, bass) - both individual and group lessons
  • Drums - individual lessons
  • Bass - individual lessons
  • Vocal - both individual and group lessons
  • Violin - individual lessons
  • Cello - individual lessons 
  • Rock Band Program (Primary and Middle school bands)

Kimberley College Instrumental Music students will be provided with opportunities to perform at college events such as the fundraising fair, assemblies, graduation ceremonies, Kimberley College musical and culminating in our annual Instrumental Music Showcase evening, usually held each October. 

It is our hope that through these opportunities’ students will develop a greater sense of belonging and contribute to an exciting, dynamic, and passionate College culture.

For further information on the instrumental program, please contact