Debating, STEMPunks & other pursuits


Students in middle school have the opportunity to participate in debating events. Debating builds self-confidence, critical thinking skills, teamwork and public speaking and overall communication skills. Debating also helps students to consider different perspectives and ideas and teaches students how to stand up for something they believe in, how to have their voice heard and how to share their ideas with others.

At a senior school level, students can participate in MOOT competitions.

Optiminds and StemPunks

Kimberley College promotes the involvement of students in The Opti-MINDS Creative Sustainability Challenge and the StemPunks Innovation Games each year. Students participate in team challenges using thinking skills, the ability to create and communicate in creative problem challenges which showcase their skills and talents.

Philanthropic and Social Responsibility 

The Kimberley College mission statement and values support the development of students who are socially aware and responsible individuals who contribute positively to their family, community, and environment. Students with empathy and appreciation of other perspectives are able to resolve problems peacefully and develop and sustains healthy relationships. Whole of school supported activities include the World's Greatest Shave and R U OK? Day. Students may also participate in Individual Boat specific supported initiatives.  

Biennial College Fair 

The Kimberley College fair is an opportunity for students to showcase the curriculum and to be immersed in activities designed to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and knowledge. Our families and caregivers are welcomed into the College for a fun filled day.