At Kimberley College our uniform and grooming standards are very much part of our culture. It gives our school a unique sense of identity in the community and creates a healthy and safe environment of equality and cohesion.

Two of our College core values are respect and integrity. We strive for all our students to demonstrate their respect for the College by taking pride in the correct wearing of uniform. Their words and actions should consistently reflect the values of the College and the uniform is a visible reminder to uphold the value of ‘integrity’ and strive to be the best version of themselves. We hope your child will take pride in their personal appearance and wear their Kimberley College uniform with school spirit.

Please refer to the Kimberley College Uniform and Presentation Policy.

Uniforms can be purchased at School Locker, Loganholme.

There is also a Facebook group called Kimberley College Second Hand Uniforms. Please note that the College does not administer this Facebook group and it is privately run.